I am having problems getting set up with Medicare. Can you help with that?

Yes. It is very important to fill out the paperwork correctly for a new clinic. It’s also important for a Medicare revalidation. If you are having problems getting approved, give us a call.

Can you help us properly set up our clinic billing/patient software?

Yes, we have experience working with a number of different patient softwares. We have seen many problems develop from this not being set up correctly.

Do you offer professional review/audit services to make sure everything is set up correctly?

We offer review services to make sure you have dotted all the “I’s” and crossed all the “T’s” correctly. Accuracy in all areas is important in all areas of insurance billing.

One thing to note is that many of our clinic doctors thought everything was fine until a professional review was done. We can help you spot problem areas that can cause problems down the road or highlight areas that can be improved.

Can you help with ICD-10?

Absolutely. We developed a implementation package to make it as simple as possible for doctors.

Can you help us with getting in or out of networks?

Yes, depending on the network.

I am still doing paper billing. Can you help me set up electronic billing?

Not only is the answer yes, but we can help you avoid unnecessary clearinghouse charges!

What do you charge?

It depends on the services you need. The best way to find that out is to call and explain what your clinic is in need of. We can then give you a clear price for services rendered.

There are other billing companies that charge less. What's the difference between you and them?

Apples and oranges are not the same thing, even though they have some similarities. There are billing companies that charge less for doing the insurance billing, but we are different in the fact of all the BEFORE and AFTER work we do when submitting claims for payment. We go the extra mile to ensure a high percentage of accuracy and efficiency in the billing process.

In fact, we have had clinics switch to us from a company that charged less simply because of the problems they were having. We take a personal interest in your clinic and make sure the job gets done right. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is true in the billing industry.

See case studies below for examples of real clinics and the problems that they had that we helped solve.

Case Studies

I have an employee do all my billing. Why should I hire Kings Royal Billing?

The simple answer is that you shouldn’t…if everything is going well and all your claims are getting paid consistently and in a timely manner. Usually, our business comes from clinics that have gone this route and after getting themselves in a mess, come to us for help.

Still, we have some clinics that have their own in-house billing employee that hire use for an occasional audit. We can discover potential problems, revenue that is being lost, and more.

See case studies below for examples of real clinics and the problems that they had that we helped solve.

Case Studies

Do I have to sign a long term contract with you?

No. There is an agreement you need to sign, but we don’t lock you into any specified time for utilizing our services. You can terminate our services with a 30-day notice, and go with another option at any time.